Rachel, or RLC to friends, is the founder of Break a Sweat- a company birthed after she saw the dire need for a wellness community for moms. 

RLC has been in the fitness and wellness industry for over a decade, teaching everything from spin classes to sculpting classes and after becoming a mom herself, has dedicated her expertise and coaching to only mothers. 

Rachel is a champion for knowing your strength and feeling empowered in your body. Her classes are a mash up of high energy, fun music, and the body love pump up we all want!

She has won countless awards for her work with moms and within the fitness community and was named "The Mom Trainer," by Austin Woman magazine. 

RLC is also a certified health coach with an emphasis is metabolic science and hollistic nutrition and works with women nationwide to figure out their food freedom. 

When Rachel’s not teaching fitness, you can find her field tripping around town with her little boy, Deuce or having a living room dance party!



My name is Jennie O’Neal and I am Director of Fitness Programming and Mama Trainer here at Break a Sweat. I am happily married to my high school sweetheart and we have two wild, crazy and wonderful boys, Henry and Harrison. I am a born and raised South Austin mama who loves to travel, garden, cook, explore and be outside!

I came into the fitness world pretty naturally, spending my entire childhood and young adult life in competitive sports. After marriage, I became an avid runner and attendee of local bootcamps. I spent every weekend at the trail and yoga studios or meeting up with friends to workout. The community you build through fitness is such an incredible thing! Fast forward to having my first baby. I was terrified to leave my child alone for an extended period of time, read far too many nonsense articles on how working out can negatively effect my milk supply and lacked the confidence I once had in my fitness abilities. I also missed the community and desperately needed to find a safe space I could bring my little guy along that included other mamas just like me!

I found all of that when I met Rachel Lily Campbell, who previously owned Fit4Mom Sunset Valley. I was completely hooked after my first trial class because of the fitness, community, and friendships I saw were possible all in one place. I stayed with Fit4Mom Sunset Valley through a second pregnancy, again finding the support I needed as a now mom of two, (who was also working full time and needed an outlet!) In the Summer of 2019, Rachel and I met about an opportunity to become a bigger part of her company. I became certified to teach Stroller Fitness classes, which quickly led to the opportunity to take over the Stroller Fitness side of Fit4Mom. In January of 2020, I did just that and experienced the most positive and meaningful perks to business ownership. There was growth, love, new ideas and positive energy. Then along came COVID-19, and like the rest of the world, it rocked my own! These last months, I experienced all the highs and lows of owning a business, I have lost clients, I have gained clients, I have had bursts of motivation and I have had times of pure exhaustion, but I learned. I learned so much about friendship and community, about having to pivot, about communication, growth and loss and about perseverance. All of these things I bring with me as we move into this new age and stage of fitness for moms. A renewed love for my community, for my clients who are actually friends and of course to my partner, Rachel, who’s creativity, strength and courage to continue to create a safe and kick ass space for mamas is taking us to this next level in fitness, nutrition and wellness.

I look forward to getting to know you all better, helping you find your community, giving you an amazing workout and taking you from client to friend.



Welcome to Break a Sweat! I'm Kelly, The Director of Operations for this magical group of strong, supportive women. 


My husband and I are both native Austinites and after a short stint in Boston, we moved back to Texas to start our family. We have 2 beautiful kiddos, a 9.5 year old boy and 4 year old girl. 


I met Rachel (our fearless B.A.S. leader) 3 years ago when I was lost and absolutely desperate for Mom friends. While raising two young children, I was  trying to find my purpose outside of being a wife and Mother. I was welcomed into the most amazing group of women and fellow Moms and I will never, EVER be able to express what that did for me. I found my Mama village!


Fast forward a couple of years later and I became a member of the Break a Sweat team as the Social Media Manager and now Director of Operations! I love all things creative and love a good graphic design project. My favorite thing is getting a 6:00am text from Rachel and bringing her vision to life!


I truly believe that this is the exact place you should be if you are yearning for a place to be 100% authentically YOU. We are here to support you and cheer you on in your wellness and fitness journey!



Being a mom and all that comes with it is beautiful! Hard and daunting?  Sometimes, yes! We need strength and endurance both mentally and physically to keep up with our day to day tasks. 

I can help you achieve your goals and reach that bar you’ve set so high for yourself.  With commitment and compassion, we can be successful! Let's Break a Sweat together!



 Hi, I'm Darcy! I am a mom to 2 boys, an artist, and Mama Trainer with Break A Sweat. I grew up playing sports,  running, lifting, doing specialized sports training, and did a stint in MMA after college. I specialize in HIIT workouts- and I love to mix it up with strength, cardio, and boxing moves.

I absolutely love the camaraderie and support of working with mamas. There truly is no better place create lasting friendships for yourselves and your littles- and of course, break a sweat!



Hi beautiful ladies, I’m Lo!

I absolutely love working with Mamas because it allows me to be 100% authentic in everything from my fitness journey to my organized hot mess express in momhood!

I am always going to challenge you, empower you and believe in you all while we embrace the magic of our body’s ability to move!



I believe that my background in massage therapy, kinesiology & yoga give me a well rounded approach to helping women achieve their running goals.

By not only focusing on the physical aspects of running but by also taking the time to nurture and care for our hearts & minds. I truly believe that running & yoga go hand in hand in bringing a true sense of self awareness & appreciation for ones mind, heart & body.



Hi Mamas! I'm Rachael, one of the New Mama Managers for Break a Sweat. My husband Chris and I have two beautiful boys, a 3 year old and a 6 month old.

I joined this incredible village 2.5 years ago, when we first moved to Austin with our then 4-moth old little boy.  These Mamas have been there for me through all of the celebrations and challenges of Motherhood and I am so lucky to have them in my life!

Now some of these Mamas are my closest friends, their children are my toddler's best friends, and they have welcomed my newest little boy with open arms.

It makes my heart so happy to help other women experience this incredible group of women who have meant the world to me! 



My name is Tori Lewis and I am the New Mama Manager for Break a Sweat. 

I enjoy spreading the word about this amazing fitness mama girl gang because it really helped me navigate my new life as a mom. I joined about a year ago when my son, Ezra was 6 months old and I’ve been hooked ever since. 

I moved to Austin with my husband 3 years ago from London. I grew up mostly overseas in London, Romania and Brazil but I was born in Pennsylvania! When I’m not working out with my little sidekick I work part time as a behavioral therapist for children with autism. I love that both of my jobs allow me to help others in their motherhood journey, as we all learn and grow together.




Hi, I'm Theresa! I grew up in the small southeast Texas town called Boling, TX before moving to Austin to attend UT. I have been here for over 20 years now and consider Austin my home! I was a first grade teacher for 10 years until I became a stay at home mom with my young son Luca. During pre-Covid times I played French Horn in an Austin community band called Cinematic Symphony, alongside a couple of my best friends from rom back in my college band days. 

As the Director of Mama + Me Culture, I take great pride in developing and implementing intentional activities four our members and their little ones! It's always a joy to put my teacher hat back on!

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